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29th May 2017

This day, 29th May 2017 marks the start of EnTruce | The Light Novel and Original Novel Hub. We welcome you and Hope to have a good time along with everyone.

The start of EnTruce was back in 2015 as “Entruce Translations”. The first novel we had translated was Kuro no Maou (黒の魔王), which was well-recieved in a couple of months. Soon after the start of our translation, we collaborated with Shikkaku Translations and set forth our journey. The start was almost seamless and we sailed through with hard work.

The Start was like a still water surface; clear and clean; without problems.

A still water surface image.

As time went by, the life of our sole translator, Nick Doyle, started rumbling, giving him little to no time for translation. The ups and downs in his life had been harder than what most would experience in their teenage years.

“I’m sorry for not posting Chapter. I had no time to Translate.”

The quote above became his popular phrase. As the life turned harsher on him, the future of Entruce Translation became bleaker. As the pressure increased, it was no wonder he erupted and hiatuses occurred frequently.

The Eruption Occurred and evrything went downhill.

A spontaenous forest fire picture.

A little while after the eruption, and continous hiatuses, our first translation project, Kuro no Maou, was taken over by another Translation Group. Devastated, Nick competed against them to hold over the translation. Unfortunately, the daily life of Nick wasn’t nicer to him, and he had to let go of the novel, much to his chagrin.

The new dawn arrived, with a glimmer of hope.

Picture of dawn.

Finally, in the new year 2017, our sole translator, resolved to conquer his life, in which he succeeded and solely changed the whole Entruce Translation, to an Light Novel and Original Novel Hub!

Oh, did I tell you, I’m talking about me all this time. Thank you for reading.

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