Light Novels

Light Novels?

Light Novels, being one of the most read forms of quasi-literature in Japan, based on pure fantastical elements and overused tropes, has been fan-translated for quite the time. However there are ways to turn those fan-translations into Official Licensed Translation, landing on the subsequent level of win-win, both financially and from a copyright security standpoint.

TL Rights?

Every Translator needs to acquire the certain translation rights before officially engaging in the trading of light novel works as it can breach the copyright agreements. Scroll below to read more about Entruce’s current status on acquiring those rights.
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I, Nick Doyle, representating EnTruce contacted with the two Publishers (them/they hereafter) of the current novels we are translating. Contacting them was quite the task as my e-mails were entirely ignored, most likely as per my assumptions. So I took on the task with my phone and talked about the certain procedures and paperworks required and documentations regarding it, and even more along those lines. It’s an arduous mission to maintain the flow of conversation without being too pushy or needy. hmm. After a while, we pushed forward and got our requirements to get started on with Official Translations, which as of yet, are quite difficult to implement and complete.

So the big answer is: NAY At the moment.

We hope to definitely make EnTruce a better novel hub in future and would soon be ready for the Official Translations.

As it stand, we, EnTruce, do need financial help to support our website and our works. Currently People may go ahead to Patreon and support us there. We would use indirect ads revenue services until the Google ads are showed on our website. Google, being the ginormous corporation it is, works as slow. It has been over a week and half, but the reviewing of the website is still not finished, thus no ad revenues as of yet. We hope readers would understand our dilemma. On the second, please respond your favourite ads service in the comment section. Yes, it can also contain link shortening ads revenue services like adfly and of sorts.

See you all Later